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Remember the widowed… [The Effective Prayer 8.31.15]

She sits alone on that same old pew again His tenor voice still echoes now and then It brings back all those memories of him there by her side What she'd give for one more Sunday drive


Do you see your goal way off in the distance?

This week, I’m posting over at thei535project.wordpress.com. God be with you!

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

greenery and road

The Concert Master stood and nodded to the oboe player. A clear, woody concert ‘A’ resonated from her bell. At the nod of the concert master, the woodwinds played their concert A, followed by the brass and finally the strings. The sounds swirled around the room, luscious and rich.

My heart stirred with a mingling of trepidation and joy; it had been nearly thirteen years…

The conductor lifted his baton. Every member in the orchestra sat poised and ready, awaiting the downbeat.

The baton dropped and the music rose.

All the pressing stress from the day—my fears and worries—evaporated as I concentrated on playing the right notes in tune and in time. There were dynamics, alternate fingerings, key signature and tempo changes to watch.

The harmonies vibrated in the air as the bows of the violins undulated back and forth in sync with the concert master. My clarinet seemed to be singing as…

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Testing, 1, 2, 3… [Coffee Chat #9]

What do you use to see if someone is teaching truth or lies?


First, you have to show up…

This is a great post! Sometimes our silent presence gives greater solace than our many words.


songIt was an off-handed comment made by my college professor of Old Testament, Dr. Song Nai Rhee at Northwest Christian College.  We were looking at the book of Job, specifically at the “pastoral malpractice” of Job’s three friends – Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite (Job 2:11).  Dr. Rhee contrasted the power of their initial silence (Job 2:13) with the foolishness of their subsequent “lectures” throughout the rest of the book.

Dr. Rhee related a story about a time that he went to visit the parents of a student who had tragically died in an accident.  A modest man, Dr. Rhee had arrived at the house of sadness without great fanfare, and sat quietly with the grieving parents for a while.  He didn’t say much.  He simply sat with them in their grief, and then he took his leave.  Weeks later he told us…

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A mere taste of heaven.

Have you ever performed in a choir, orchestra or wind ensemble? I have done all three. It's exhilarating. There is nothing quite like the simultaneity of being surrounded by and creating music. The vibrations of tightly tuned harmonies, the pulsating hypnotic rhythms, the pathos, all combine to evoke euphoric delight. Sadly, the rehearsals, performances, jam sessions,… Continue reading A mere taste of heaven.

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What are they teaching those kids? [The Effective Prayer 8.21.15]

Ever wonder what your kids are learning in school? What are you going to do to help them grow in the man or woman God wants them to be?


Coffee Chat 8 – Are you putting family or God on the back burner?

Do you put your family's needs on the back burner in the name of the Lord? Or, do you put God aside in the name of family?

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Just a breath of wind…

The glare of the sun bore down on the crew while the wind remained noticeably absent. Stagnant air hovered oppressively over the dispirited men. The waiting was pure agony.

The Word of God

Have you read the most influential bestseller in history?

Drop thy phone, and come, read me...


Coffee Chat 7 – How can I be a peacemaker?

Where would the world be if England had rolled over and played dead when Hitler assaulted them with his Blitzkrieg? Where would the world be if the United States of America had chosen to turn a blind eye to the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941? Where would we be if Jesus Christ went along with the folks who wanted to make him an earthly king? If there were never resistance to evil, there would never be peace.