Do you see your goal way off in the distance?

This week, I’m posting over at thei535project.wordpress.com. God be with you!

Running The Race

greenery and road

The Concert Master stood and nodded to the oboe player. A clear, woody concert ‘A’ resonated from her bell. At the nod of the concert master, the woodwinds played their concert A, followed by the brass and finally the strings. The sounds swirled around the room, luscious and rich.

My heart stirred with a mingling of trepidation and joy; it had been nearly thirteen years…

The conductor lifted his baton. Every member in the orchestra sat poised and ready, awaiting the downbeat.

The baton dropped and the music rose.

All the pressing stress from the day—my fears and worries—evaporated as I concentrated on playing the right notes in tune and in time. There were dynamics, alternate fingerings, key signature and tempo changes to watch.

The harmonies vibrated in the air as the bows of the violins undulated back and forth in sync with the concert master. My clarinet seemed to be singing as…

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