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January Scripture Writing Plan: Renew. Refresh. Revive!

2019 is just around the corner. Some people are making resolutions, others set goals, and many choose a “word for the year.”

Whatever you choose, make time each day to engage with God’s Word. If you aren’t sure where to begin, I’ve provided some links below with ideas on how to begin, whether you’re wanting to do memorization, study, or just simple daily reading.

How to Stick to Daily Bible Reading

How to get Started (or restarted) with Personal Bible Study

Why I Ditched My Bible Reading Plan

5 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture (and 4 ways to do it)

How to Memorize Long Scriptures

Another way to dig into the word is through copying the scripture on paper. This is my third month of setting up scripture writing plans and while I’ve had a few typos here and there, it’s been a delightful practice.

This month’s scripture writing plan centers around the idea of newness:

  • Renewing mind, heart, and spirit
  • Living as a new creation in Christ Jesus
  • Revival through God’s Word

For those new to scripture writing, the process is simple. Copy the scripture of the day into a journal or on paper. Write a sentence or more of reflection or simply underline words or phrases that stood out as you copied the passage.

I have found that certain concepts leap of the page as I copy each word because I am forced to slow down and consider it as I write.

Save the picture above to your phone or computer or click the link below to download a free black and white PDF.

January 2019 Scripture Writing

Special thanks to Liz Smith for proofreading my list! I am grateful for your help and insightful comments!

I want to thank all my readers and fellow bloggers for an awesome year in 2018. Thank you for reading my work, encouraging me in the faith, sharing my posts with others, and edifying me with your insights. I also want to thank my editors at The Courage for allowing me to be one of their regular contributors. May your New Year bring a deeper relationship with God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

What are your plans or goals for engaging with God’s word in 2019?

Comment below so we can encourage each other!


10 thoughts on “January Scripture Writing Plan: Renew. Refresh. Revive!

  1. It’s July, 2021 and I prayerfully consdered and decided for my word of the year to be renewal. What a great scripture writing plan to return my focus on my word of the year.

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