Scripture Writing Plans

Kid’s Tracing & Copying Sheets for March Scripture Writing Plan


One of my lovely readers contacted me recently and offered to share some great resources for our littles to help them participate with us in scripture writing! It’s not always easy for kids to “copy” directly from the Bible, particularly with so much text to look at! This talented mama made tracing sheets for all 31 days of the writing plan and also made writing sheets with the verse at the top for those ready to move beyond tracing.

I will try to make these accessible from the Elihu’s Corner Facebook page as well, but it might take me some time to figure out all the technical aspects.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your kids involved, I hope you’ll utilize these resources which align with the March 2020 Scripture Writing Plan.

To download these sheets, click the links below:



Thank you, Sara for all your hard work, and for sharing such a helpful resource with all of us!



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