Gideon: Trained to Trust (Part 2)

If God gives a command, He will help you succeed if you trust and obey.

Gideon is trained to trust… all the way to the final battle.


Gideon: Trained to Trust

Hebrews 11 is commonly referred to as the faith chapter. The people named within are called the “heroes of faith.” These “heroes” were trained to trust, not only for their benefit, but also for ours. Their relationships with God demonstrate to us His faithfulness, His trustworthiness and His unfailing love. The accounts are there to teach us that God can be trusted.

Read more to find out how God trained Gideon to trust in Him.

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Building Trust Through Praise

In all your ways acknowledge Him [God], and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

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Trust: Facing the Fiery Furnace

Where do you place your trust?

It is easy to say we trust in the Lord, but much harder to live it.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego trusted in the God they could not see in the face of a fire they could see.


Needless Pain

Have you ever gone through a great deal of heartache over something only to discover that you didn’t have to worry about it after all?


Lord, please send someone else…

Considering all the glowing commendations that Moses receives in the New Testament, it is surprising how much fear and doubt he grappled with in the beginning.

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Prayers for Parents of School-Aged Kids

As we press through August and into the fall, we will see frequent signs that school is back in session. Gradually, a few parents will develop a worry line or two. Homeschool moms may find themselves sobbing as perfect lesson plans implode in the face of another autistic episode. Another mom may be quietly sobbing in an empty room as their youngest child moves three or three hundred miles away from home in pursuit of a college degree. A dad may be getting stomach ulcers worrying about the safety of his daughter around all those teenage boys.

On top of all the back-to-school changes, these parents are still facing life with all it’s pressures and frustrations. Are we sensitive to their needs? Are we reaching out to be supportive? Encouraging? Helpful?

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The Love of our Heavenly Father

This is part 2 of the series “God’s love is the Greatest Love.” For the previous post, click here. One of the greatest tragedies for a young child is to grow up without a good father. For one thing, fathers provide protection, establish balance, and are often essential to a child’s understanding of how men and… Continue reading The Love of our Heavenly Father

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Depression: What it is and How to Fight Back

Most people think depression is purely a state of mind. Are they right?

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Justice is weeping today.

Brilliant flashes of colorful fireworks set the faces of my children aglow beneath the darkening Texas sky. We reveled in our new-found Texas freedom and the love of country that swells in this region of the United States. I was thankful to live in this nation, in spite of the issues that plague us.

That was Monday.

Monday feels like an age ago.

This week has been traumatic for Lady Justice and her best friend, Wisdom. They weep unrestrainedly at the black events of the past few days.