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Why You Need to Keep Both Hands on the Wheel

My biggest surprise in learning how to drive was how much I had to do to keep the car going straight. This might sound funny to you, but I didn't realize why it was necessary to keep your hands on the wheel while going in a straight line. I just thought people did that in case they need to turn or veer away from an obstacle. Go ahead. Laugh. It was a pretty ridiculous assumption.

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Why we need to pray for GenNext (Part 1).

This article is part of the series “Raising GenNext.” You can read the previous post by clicking here. What do you believe about prayer? Do you think praying is a rote activity? Is prayer an active or passive endeavor? Does it have value? Is it helpful? Does it actually work? It is my opinion and observation… Continue reading Why we need to pray for GenNext (Part 1).