Run with Endurance (day 7 of #encourage marathon)

Someone out there is running sluggishly, ready to give up. It might even be you.


Gideon: Trained to Trust (Part 2)

If God gives a command, He will help you succeed if you trust and obey. Gideon is trained to trust... all the way to the final battle.


Gideon: Trained to Trust

Hebrews 11 is commonly referred to as the faith chapter. The people named within are called the “heroes of faith.” These "heroes" were trained to trust, not only for their benefit, but also for ours. Their relationships with God demonstrate to us His faithfulness, His trustworthiness and His unfailing love. The accounts are there to teach us that God can be trusted. Read more to find out how God trained Gideon to trust in Him.