Memorial Day

What good is a memorial if we've forgotten its purpose? In the United States, we set aside the last Monday in May as an official memorial to honor the fallen. Since most people are given the day off, it's usually used to kick off summer, have a barbecue, and hit the beach. For others, it's… Continue reading Memorial Day


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! May your day be blessed wherever you are. Please pray for the people who are not able to be with their families or who are having a difficult Christmas, including: Soldiers deployed overseas Law Enforcement on patrol today Nurses and Doctors working today Elderly folks---particularly those in nursing homes---who may not be with… Continue reading Merry Christmas!


Day 10: Military Veterans

He leapt across sand bags and dodged bullets to reach the fallen. His ears rang from the deafening roar of explosions and the crack of gunshots. The air was filled with shouts and screams. The smell of death and blood was nauseating...