Prayer Request: Baltimore & Nepal


I saw video footage last night of the rioting and violence taking place in Baltimore, MD. People are using injustice as an excuse to commit more injustice.

Please pray on behalf of the innocent who have to hide in fear of the mob; and those who’ve suffered property damage and physical injury from the outpouring of violence.

Pray for the National Guard and law enforcement who are working to protect the innocent that they will make good decisions and be successful in protecting the innocent from harm.

Above all, pray that the people in Baltimore will turn from injustice and seek The Lord before it is too late.

Lastly, please pray for the people in Nepal who have suffered loss in the wake of a devastating earthquake.

Many people use catastrophes like this to argue against the existence of God, instead of how much they need God.

Pray that many will draw near to God out of the ashes of their suffering and loss.

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