Happy Mother’s Day!

I am very blessed to have a mother.

She encouraged me to excel when I was a child. She came to band concerts, competitions, festivals and fundraisers. She cared about my feelings and was there when I was heartbroken.

The best gift my mother gave me was an introduction to the Lord. She and my father taught me who God is, what it means to live godly and how to press on even when you fall short.

To my mother—may God bless you now and always. You have been one of the richest blessings God has given me.

To my mother-in-law—so thankful to be part of your family! Thank you for raising my spouse to be godly and loving.

To all my adopted moms and grandmothers in the church—thank you for your years of love and support.

To my friends who are new mothers—may the Lord bless you as you raise your children. May he supply you with abundant patience and wisdom.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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