A Christian Blogger’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach out to believers and non-believers through this medium.

Grant me wisdom to respond properly to those with whom I interact both here and in other places that you may be glorified.

Remind me daily to cultivate a spirit of humility. Crush my pride and let me not forget that what I write is not to glorify my own self, but to honor You. Success is not dependent on stats, likes, shares, or comments, but rather the effect produced on those who read. I may never see the outcome of what I write, but I pray for those who read to draw ever nearer to You.

May I, by your grace, speak life, uphold truth, honor You, and properly handle your word.

May the words I share strengthen those who seek you, encourage the faint-hearted, and shine a light to those in darkness.

Forgive me when I fall short and may I respond with humility when I am corrected.

Please, O Lord, guard my heart from the schemes of Satan, for he loves to attack those who proclaim your word.

Father, please bless me with clarity of thought and the ability to communicate effectively.

All these blessings and favors I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,


76 thoughts on “A Christian Blogger’s Prayer

  1. I too, pray to remain humble… I have started re-posting my blog, and daily verses with comments on several sites, to share God’s Word with those in need of hearing the truth…

    One of the biggest groups is “The Holy Bible” with 460K members… I am determined to not be ashamed of sharing the Gospel of Christ…but pray for me to remain humble, please…

    Blessings in Christ, bruce

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  2. “Success is not dependent on stats, likes, shares, or comments, but rather the effect produced on those who read. I may never see the outcome of what I write, but I pray for those who read to draw ever nearer to You.” I wish more people felt this way – my sentiments exactly. God bless you!

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    1. Yes! I think it’s hard not to get wrapped up in stats. It ca be a helpful tool, but it is not the definitive marker of success. I have to constantly remind myself why I started this whole venture in the first place. May the Lord bless you also!


  3. There is power in prayer. For it is not our own glory we seek. Our glory will burn out like a candle. Store up your treasure in Heaven where it cannot be destroyed! Seek ye first the kingdom of God…We are in the seed planting business, His word, His heart, His glory forever and ever amen!! May your passion for Christ spread like wildfire, all consuming!

    Thank you Elihu. On a side note, God has used your writings and your diligence to encourage and bless me on more than one occasion.

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    1. Thank you, MariJo!

      I agree, seeking our own glory will be our downfall as it has been for many strong people who fell on their faces.

      It’s not always easy planting seeds because we don’t always see the fruit of our labor, but we need to find out gratification in knowing we have done what our Father asked. As God says, His Word will not return to Him void; we may never see the “return on investment” so to speak, but God does!

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  4. Wonderful! I am thankful that many of us band together and write to reach many many people. If I may encourage anyone to please visit my official website ministry. I m looking to really engage with other writers so that we can share each others thoughts and facts we find in our journey to awaken the masses. Please do share and follow @ I can assure you, you will leave blessed. Thank you again for your time and devotion to serve the Lord Jesus Christ!!

    Daniel Byzewski
    God Head Disciple Ministry

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    1. Hi Daniel! I’m glad you found the post edifying and I wish you the best for your blog. I would appreciate it, however, if you only linked to relevant posts when you comment here. Thank you for understanding!

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