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Preparing for the Next Circuit


I’ve been a bit reflective the past few days. Holidays do that to me.


The earth makes one full rotation each day. Rotate implies circular motion.

The earth makes one full rotation around the sun each year. Again, a circular motion.

We are going in circles.

Does that mean we aren’t getting anywhere?

It’s been one year since I wrote my goals out on a 3×5 card and taped them to the bathroom mirror of my old home in California. A year later, I’m sitting on a new chair in a different home in Texas, preparing to the do the same thing. That house in California is beyond my reach now, sold to some bachelor. Sometimes I really miss it, sometimes I don’t. The change doesn’t feel circular at all. It’s more like a meteor crashed into my world. So many alterations. So many holes. So many tears.

This trip doesn’t feel circular, but I know it is. I’m doing today what I did exactly one year ago. I’m looking at old goals, reflecting on what I accomplished and what I did not. I’m deciding once again how to make the most of this next circuit.

My orbit should not be focused on the sun, but the Son—The Son of God. My life should revolve around him. He is the center of my universe, the gravitational pull keeping me in the right place, the very source of my life. He is constant, warm, and essential to my existence.

Today, you may be preparing to make those “resolutions.” Instead of resolutions, create goals and center them around Christ. Some goals are worldly (and necessary!) like paying off debts, getting healthier, sharpening the mind, or improving relationships. Make sure your worldly goals do not throw you out your orbit around the Son of God. Going in circles around Jesus brings lasting joy, and each circuit brings new joy and a deeper connection with God.

Last year/beginning of this year, I wrote several posts on crafting goals:

Setting Goals that Last

3 Steps to Daily Prayer in 2016

4 Ways to Study Your Bible in 2016

3 Priorities for Day 1 of your New Year

If you are wanting to read your Bible more or pray more in the coming year, I highly recommend you check these out. If you don’t read them, I encourage you to make your goals measurable, specific, and written. Nebulous resolutions rarely remain by February 1st.

I’m ready.

Ready to write those goals now and eager for another year with my Lord and Savior.

I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers for making 2016 a great year for Elihu’s Corner.

My top 6 commenters this year were:

Vincent S Artale from Talmidimblogging

MariJo from The Journey of a Million Miles

Beckie Lindsey from Spotlight

Mary Duncan from History Speaks Now!

Dawn Liz Jones from Inspiration with an Attitude

Wally Fry from Truth in Palmyra

I’d also like to thank all of you who were so kind to share my posts and promote my site on WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter. I am so grateful for your time and kindness.

A big thank you to all of you—readers and bloggers. You have encouraged me greatly this year. I have been edified by your words and lifted up by your mutual love for the Lord. I began this endeavor in 2015 simply as an outlet for my thoughts and it has grown into so much more.

May you all have a year filled with joy and a closer relationship with our God.


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