Why You Can’t Keep Delaying Forgiveness


Last spring, we decided to remove the bushes and rocks from our front planter bed and add a better variety of plants. Once the bed was clear of roots and rocks, we laid a strong weed barrier over every inch of dirt. We laid out our plants, cut small holes in the weed barrier, and placed the plants carefully in their new homes. To further prevent the invasion of weeds, we surrounded our lavender, lantana, and annuals with heaps of fragrant brown bark.

One of our friends stood by, his eyebrow arched in skepticism. “You’re still going to have weed problems,” he remarked with a smirk.

In one sense, he was right—the weeds creep in no matter what we do. Bird droppings, neighborhood cats, and the ever-blowing Texas wind bring plenty of rogue seeds into our garden. On the other hand, our careful preparation of the flower bed, coupled with our vigilant efforts to pull unwanted sprouts, have kept our garden clear.

Human hearts, like flowerbeds, can be overrun by bitterness, sorrow, and anger unless we are vigilant. We are wronged almost daily—sometimes hourly! Those wrongs, like rogue seeds, land in the garden of our hearts and weeds of bitter resentment spring up. Only the Lord can give us the help we need to keep our heart free from bitterness…

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