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Reasons to Rejoice: Scripture Writing Plan September 2020

Scripture Writing Plan

You may not think we have a lot of reasons to rejoice in the mess that is 2020. However, if the writer of Philippians can write an entire letter of encouragement from a prison cell, can’t we rejoice too? Don’t you think our joy should be based on more than circumstances?

How is Paul able to rejoice inside a Roman prison cell? Paul set his mind not on his present physical condition, but on his relationship with Christ. He rejoiced at the spread of the gospel. He rejoiced to hear the Philippian brothers and sisters were thriving. He even rejoiced when people tried preaching the gospel from envy because at least the message was still being preached!

We have reasons to rejoice too! Here are just a few…

We are given grace! Grace means that I’m not tossed out of Christ every time I slip up. Grace covers sins of which I am not even aware. I deserve to die for my sins, but Christ’s blood has saved me and continues transforming me every day!

We are loved! People will inevitably let you down one way or another. Even if you are fortunate enough to have loved ones around you, there may come a time when they are gone… or worse. I have found betrayal and abandonment to be even more traumatic than loss. Jesus will not abandon you or me simply because he finds a new friend or loses interest in us. His love lasts forever.

We are saved! When we commit our lives to Christ, death is no longer the terrifying thing it once was. I still have no desire to go cliff diving or skydiving, but I do draw comfort knowing that when the end comes, it will bring me home to Jesus.

Those three reasons merely scratch the surface! As you write your way through Philippians, I encourage you to look for the reasons Paul rejoices and the reasons we have to rejoice. (Sometimes he just flat out commands us to rejoice always!) For example, in chapter 1.4-5, Paul rejoices that the Philippians are partners in the gospel. (Do you have any “partners in the gospel” who work with and encourage you?) Comb through each day’s writing and look for reasons to rejoice!

This month’s plan enables you to write out the entire letter to the Philippians. If you get behind, don’t fret! I encourage you to work at your own pace or simply write the passages on the days you’re able. Even if you only partially complete the plans, they are still edifying!

Sara McBroom has once again provided tracing and copying sheets for our little writers! I hope that your children will enjoy working alongside you in their scripture writing!

I also have a printable PDF for you if you prefer looking at paper rather than your phone, tablet, or computer. Feel free to use and share the image at the top of this post as well!

If you’re new to scripture writing, and need some tips on how to use these plans, check out this post: How to Use Scripture Writing Plans.

I hope that as you read, study, and write, you will find new reasons to rejoice!


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