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What are they teaching those kids? [The Effective Prayer 8.21.15]

Ever wonder what your kids are learning in school? What are you going to do to help them grow in the man or woman God wants them to be?

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Are they stronger than steel? [The Effective Prayer 8.3.15]

Do you know a strong Christian? They may be amazing people, but they are not invincible. What can you do to help them remain strong?


The Harvest is Plentiful, but… [The Effective Prayer 7.28.15]

choose from the following: a) it's infested with bugs, b) it's covered in powdery mildew, c) it's been genetically modified, d) the laborers are few.


TAPS – The Effective Prayer 7.20.15

There's a grief that can't be spoken There's a pain goes on and on Empty chairs at empty tables Now my friends are dead and gone


10 things to pray for your local church – The Effective Prayer 7.7.15

Is your church strong or struggling? No matter what the circumstance, it needs your prayers.


Praying for those who are Single – The Effective Prayer 6.29.15

Singleness can be tough, but it can be a very valuable and constructive season of life when offered to the Lord.


Praying for the Elderly – The Effective Prayer 6.19.15

Are the elderly still a critical part of the church? You bet! And they need our prayers and encouragement.


Pray for the Teenagers – The Effective Prayer 6.12.15

Teenagers are at a tumultuous age. They need encouragement to remain faithful, and they need prayers.


Are we doing enough for our children?

As parents, we constantly ask ourselves if we are doing enough for our children. There is one thing we all ought to be doing for our children...


The Effective Prayer 5.25.15 – Families of the Fallen

Each week, we turn our focus to praying for a specific person or group of people. If you missed the original post on effective prayer, read it here. Effective prayer is a learned habit requiring discipline and diligence. To that end, I am encouraging you to write down the people you are praying for. Part… Continue reading The Effective Prayer 5.25.15 – Families of the Fallen