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God Sees Me: April 2023 Scripture Writing Plan

Have you ever watched sparrows? For such small and simple birds, they teem with personality. When we lived in the city, I would watch them from time to time, bathing playfully in the puddles left by the sprinklers. At other times, they would get down in the dirt and take a dust bath. They also… Continue reading God Sees Me: April 2023 Scripture Writing Plan

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When You Feel Like Nobody Sees You

Within each one of us is a longing to be seen. It is this very longing that makes social media such a powerful medium. Every post offers a glimpse into our daily life. We can share our favorite foods, our cute pets, our cutting complaints, our magical moments. Better still, we get to control how much we reveal, making our lives look "practically perfect in every way"! Yet does anybody---on social media or in our day-to-day---really see us as we are? Do they see our grueling work (or, at times, embarrassing laziness)? Do they see the tears? The frustrations? The joys? The longings?