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God Sees Me: April 2023 Scripture Writing Plan

Have you ever watched sparrows?

For such small and simple birds, they teem with personality. When we lived in the city, I would watch them from time to time, bathing playfully in the puddles left by the sprinklers. At other times, they would get down in the dirt and take a dust bath. They also hopped in and around the larger birds to get to the feeder that hung from our large oak tree. In the winter, I’d see them perched on low branches with their feathers fluffed out to stay warm.

In appearance, sparrows are not the most striking birds. Compared with the blue jays, cardinals, and American Robins, their feathers and coloring are rather plain. In fact, most people probably never notice sparrows because they are so common and so small.

The reason I love watching the sparrows–aside from the fact that I just love watching birds anyway–is because they bring to mind a precious lesson from Jesus:

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

Luke 12.6-7, ESV

Not ONE of those plain, common, everyday birds is forgotten by the Almighty God.

Not one.

He knows when they struggle to find food; He knows when they are enjoying a refreshing drink of water; He even knows when they are knocked down by a stray cat. Since God cares for each one of these plain, common, everyday birds–creatures without souls and not created in God’s image–how much more do you think He notices you? You are made in the image of God! You have been given a soul. You have been given the opportunity to make your home in heaven with Him.

You are extremely precious to the Lord.

Just like He sees those sparrows, God sees you: He knows if you are in financial straits; He knows when you are worn down to exhaustion; He knows the deepest aches that you cannot even speak aloud. More importantly, He cares.

No matter how common or insignificant you believe yourself to be, you are not insignificant to the Lord. As Jesus said, “the very hairs of your head are numbered.” I can’t even guess how many hairs I have on my own head. God knows more about me than I do! Don’t allow yourself to believe that He does not see or care about you.

You are seen and loved by the Lord of all Creation.

For this month’s scripture writing plan, we will focus our attention on two Psalms: Psalm 139 and Psalm 31. Take time to meditate on these scriptures as we write through them each day. Be sure to visit Elihu’s Corner on Facebook and Instagram and share your insights each day.

To download a black and white PDF of the plan, click the link below:

To download tracing or copying pages for your little scripture writers, click the link below!

Special thanks to Sara McBroom and Liz Smith who help me with these plans each month!


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