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To The Parents with the Squirmy Kids at Worship

  I saw you on Sunday morning. I watched you walk down the aisle at least three times. On the first trip, you held a squirmy baby in one arm and a diaper bag in the other. Your second exodus involved a recalcitrant toddler, howling like a wolf at the moon. You made your last… Continue reading To The Parents with the Squirmy Kids at Worship

Marriage and Family

Happy Father’s Day!

Strong fathers are the pillars of their families. They train and discipline, they show their children how a woman ought to be treated, they reflect God in a positive light, and they lay down their own desires to care for their families. Strong Fathers are priceless. Whether you have children born to you, adopted by… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!


A day for unsung heroes.

I count my earthly Father among my greatest blessings. When I was very little, my dad would tell me stories using my stuffed animals. As I was learning to write paragraphs and essays, he would edit my work, making recommendations and giving me pointers on how to better phrase my work. When I reached high school,… Continue reading A day for unsung heroes.