Is Your Parenting on Cruise Control?


Parenting is inconvenient.

Yes, I just said that.

Once you have a child, your life will be forever changed.

You will be humbled. Humiliated. Screamed at. Loved with abandon. Squeezed with unimaginable strength by those little arms. Amazed. Shocked. heartbroken. Overwhelmed with love. Filled with a newfound awe for your own parents.

Unfortunately, once the baby phase is over, we parents hit burn-out: Continue reading

What are Your Study Habits?


When I was a green seventeen-year old beginning my first year of college, I went through an orientation week affectionately called “WOW week” (aka Week of Welcome). In one of our mandatory sessions, the Dean of the College of Sciences asked us the following:

How many hours did you study in high school?

Do you know how to take notes?

Do you know the importance of rest?

Having graduated second in my high school class, I had little concern about my study habits because I knew they were sound. I am not a genius so I had to spend hours (about 30 hours/week) studying, taking detailed notes, recopying my notes as a study method, and prioritizing my projects. I continued these habits in college and managed to graduate cum laude. Persistence really does pay off.

A few years after college, this question was posed to me:

“Do we devote as much time to studying the Bible as we did studying for our chosen professions?” Continue reading

Why I Ditched My Bible Reading Plan

A photo by Ben White.


Three days ago, I ditched my daily bible reading plan. Not the habit, mind you, just my appointed plan… We had a “falling out” of sorts. Continue reading

Peeking inside my toolbox…


I always get a kick out of watching my son in the garage. His favorite thing to explore is the tool chest. There’s tons of shiny drawers to open, lots of strangely shaped gizmos, nuts, bolts, and screws—and its all part of how daddy fixes stuff.

My tool kit for bible study and blogging doesn’t look as exciting as that chest… at least, not to my four-year old.

I suppose that my kids have a certain fascination with the colored pencil highlighters, my iPad, and my journal… But the books and digital tools aren’t physically fascinating (not for my little ones anyway!) I wish I could say that I had more reference books in my library, but since we don’t have a lot of room to store books, I haven’t been purchasing anything but homeschool books for my children. Most of my reference tools are digital.

One of the online tools that I frequently use for both studying and blogging is the Bible Gateway website.

You may have noticed that my verses have links these days. If you click on one of those links, it will take you to Bible Gateway’s website and straight to the verse in the version I am referencing. Below is an example of what the page would look like. I have zoomed in on two things that I’d like you to notice.verse alone bg

Next to the book & chapter heading (in this case, Psalm 25), there is a stack of lines. If you click on this, it will enable you to view the surrounding context in that chapter. I really like this function because there are times when I do a search by phrase and I only get the one verse. I prefer reading the surrounding context to ensure that I am not referencing the verse incorrectly (i.e. proof-texting).

On the far right of the above image, I have highlighted something that looks like two combs side-by-side. If you click on those combs, you can view another translation of the verse(s) next to the original translation you have selected. You can view up to 5 versions. For those like me who do not have a hard copy of a multi-version bible, this is a wonderful tool.

multi version

In the above image, I have noted where you can click to switch versions and how to view the next chapter. If you are still viewing parallel translations, it will still continue in the next chapter.

A digital concordance

My spouse has teased me about being a walking concordance, but it isn’t true. I can remember the gist of a verse in my head (sometimes I can quote it word-for-word), but I don’t always know where to find it. This is when the search function becomes my best friend!


I like being able to type a phrase and have multiple options come up:

search results

Another thing that I like is the ability to copy and paste verses into the blog. You could also do this with sermons, studies, devotionals or class preparation and save hours of typing and potential typos.

I have many more tools in my box. I will share them as the months go on—especially those helpful to study and learning. I hope that you have success with this free internet tool and that it enhances your bible study.

What is one of your favorite tools for Bible Study? Please share it with us below!

(Note: I do not receive any monetary compensation from Bible Gateway.)