Day 27: Love

In the English language, there is a four-letter word bandied about so casually it has lost its value...


Day 26: Lights

This post is part of "30 days of Giving Thanks" To read more within this series, click here. We have a fun family tradition that the kids look forward to every year---decorating for Christmas.  The day after Thanksgiving, we pack away the pumpkins and leaves and pull out the reds, silvers, greens and golds of Christmas.… Continue reading Day 26: Lights


Day 25: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are all enjoying the day with people you love.


Day 24: History

History is so vital to all people of the world. It angers me how often people try to distort it or erase it.

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Day 23: Literature

This post is part of "30 days of Giving Thanks" To read more within this series, click here. I am a product [...of] endless books. My father bought all the books he read and never got rid of any of them. There were books in the study, books in the drawing room, books in the… Continue reading Day 23: Literature

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Day 22: The canvas

There is a canvas, a ceiling, a dome that I love to look at more than any other work of art. It's painter is the original artist. He invented beauty. His creations have inspired all artists throughout the centuries.

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Day 21: Quiet Time

The house was still and silent save for the soft snores of the chocolate lab lying on her bed in the far corner. I sat evaluating the budget and making my to-do list for the following day. No interruptions. No demands. Just the soft airy silence of night.


30 Days of Giving Thanks Weekly Roundup (week 3)

Good morning, my friends! We are in the home stretch! Only 10 more days of thankful posts and then I will resume effective prayer posts, coffee chat posts and my regular posting schedule. I truly hope these posts have helped you to focus on blessings that we are given by God, for there are many.… Continue reading 30 Days of Giving Thanks Weekly Roundup (week 3)

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Day 20: “Small” gifts

This post is part of "30 days of Giving Thanks" To read more within this series, click here. Sometimes, big things really do come in small packages... Today, as I was taking a break from doing Saturday chores, my son came in from the back yard and handed me some small yellow flowers. Ever since… Continue reading Day 20: “Small” gifts

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Day 19: My Country

I am thankful to live in the United States of America. For all its faults and foibles, it's still a pretty good place to live...