The Word of God

Have you read the most influential bestseller in history?

Drop thy phone, and come, read me...

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The Cure is Worse than the Disease! What do I do now?!?!

Are there other ways to combat depression if you don't want to use medication?


Coffee chat 1 – Daily Bible Reading

I love a good discussion with a friend over a steaming cup of chai... Unfortunately, I can't gather all of you at a comfortable cafe, so, I'll have to be content with this little corner of the Internet. For this first symposia, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you incorporate Bible reading into… Continue reading Coffee chat 1 – Daily Bible Reading


Building Trust Through Renewal

What are you putting into your mind? Is it building your trust in God or depleting it?

The Word of God

Infusing the Mind with God’s Word

The effectiveness of the Word of God in our lives will be limited or enhanced by how little or how much we infuse it into our mind and heart