The Sky Cries Out

The testimony of the earth and the rest of the universe isn't limited to God's wisdom and power. The earth and skies also testify of God's faithfulness and consistency. When you begin to doubt that God is a faithful, orderly, unchanging God, look up! Look at the sky! The sun testifies. The moon testifies. The stars testify.

Faithfulness · Thankfulness

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

We don't often use the term "lament." The word is defined as "a passionate expression of grief or sorrow." Lamentations is a book in the Bible written by the prophet Jeremiah. Jeremiah suffered greatly as a prophet of God due to the wickedness of the Israelites of his day. Lamentations is an outcry of grief. When you feel despondent, do you trust God's faithfulness, or are you tempted to doubt?