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Day 20: “Small” gifts

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Sometimes, big things really do come in small packages…

Today, as I was taking a break from doing Saturday chores, my son came in from the back yard and handed me some small yellow flowers. Ever since he could walk, he’s been bringing me “small” gifts like this. I remember one particularly sunny day as I watched him pluck every yellow dandelion out of the yard and then bring them to me with a smile. I took a picture of the pile of dandelions, not because they were intrinsically beautiful, but because they were given with unconditional love. There was no expectation of a reward in return. It wasn’t a bribe nor was it leftover trash or a broken toy. It was just plain thoughtfulness. All 3 of my children have given me flowers over the years and I’ve treasured every one.

I’ve received handmade, monochromatic cards that were hardly legible, but they were made “just for me.”

There was the time I had tears rolling down my cheeks and my daughter brought me a solitary square of tissue paper to dry my tears.

Once, a couple years back, as my spouse and I were discussing a rather large purchase (and how we were going to pay for it), my daughter brought her money envelope in and offered me a dollar to help pay for it. It was so sweet, and—considering how little she had at that moment—it was very magnanimous.

Yesterday my in-law side of the family had a late birthday dinner for me. They did so much to make me feel special. But what truly made it spectacular, was the amount of love that went into making everything. My Aunt is taking care of both her parents and her husband who has severe health issues and she still took the time to cook a meal for 16 people. It may seem like a small gift to some, but it was a huge gift to me—a gift of valuable time, energy and love.

I am thankful for “small” gifts given with great love.

4 thoughts on “Day 20: “Small” gifts

  1. I agree. It is the small gifts that make life sweeter. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday. I am glad for you that you are so loved. 🙂


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