What Sacrificial Giving Looks Like

This an excellent post from The Samaritan Song’s blog. Christ’s example of giving really is the best as she so skillfully points out.

Samaritan's Song

A woman I know, a longtime family friend, lost her husband recently in a devastating freak accident.

They weren’t newlyweds, but they had decades together ahead of them.  They’d had two children together, now in or just out of college, and lived a happy, loving family life.  The loss was sudden and striking and awful.

And there in my mailbox yesterday, only about two weeks after the life-altering loss, sat a card from her.  A bright, cheerful, happy card with a gift inside, wishing my husband and I well in our new home.

I boggled.  Yes, I was the flower girl at her wedding and yes, she’s known me for most of my life.  But I’m not a family member.  I am the adult daughter of a good friend of hers, whom she sees on the occasions I visit home and attend church with my family.  Simply put: I’m largely…

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