A Voting Christian’s Prayer

photo-1475938476802-32a7e851dad1Our Father in Heaven,

You are King of Kings, Creator of the Universe, and Lord of my life. You raise up nations, and you take down nations. Our times are in Your hands.

Thank you, Father, for allowing us to dwell for many years in this country of prosperity and peace. We are grateful for your bountiful care.

Our country stands on the precipice of change once again as we prepare to elect a new leader. We that serve You and dwell in this country fix our eyes on You to see what Your will shall be. Recall to our minds Your great faithfulness, mercy, and wisdom. Calm our fears of the future. Let us rejoice in the knowledge that we are but strangers and pilgrims on this earth. Our citizenship is in heaven.

Lord, we humbly ask You to install a leader in our country here who will set us on a good course once again. While our choices are less than desirable, we know through your Word that you have carried out your will through godless and godly leaders alike.

May the church revive, the gospel spread, and all glory and honor be given to You.

Help our enemies see the truth of the gospel. Unravel their crooked schemes. May those who practice deception become entangled in their own web. In Your great wisdom, allow justice to be done to those who rejoice in evil and harden their hearts against You. Even if we do not see the justice carried out, we have confidence that You will set things right in Your good time.

By Your will, we shall cast our votes, confident that regardless of the result, You are still sovereign. Nothing can separate us from Your great love—not Hillary, not Donald, not the FBI, the CIA, the federal government, ISIS, the foreign powers that be, the criminals, not even Satan. Thank you for giving us hope beyond this life so that we can rejoice under any circumstance. We will trust in You even if the mountains be thrown into the sea, for we know You are greater than anything in all of creation.

Whatever the outcome, fortify those who seek You with the hope of eternity. Strengthen us for any dangers that lie in our path. In prosperity or peril, may we stand firm, strengthened by Your omnipotent hand.

In this election, and in all things, may Your will be done.

All these blessings and favors we ask in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,



14 thoughts on “A Voting Christian’s Prayer

  1. And, as we consider our choices for the highest office in the land, guide us also to select good and honorable leaders for Congress, for our state and local officials, and for all those who will have authority over us. J.

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    1. Agreed!

      It is imperative to remember in all the vicissitudes that “life is short, death is sure, and eternity is forever.” We would appreciate it if our government would uphold justice and truth, but we must always remember that God is sovereign and it’s ultimately his kingdom that matters most.

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      1. I hear that. At the end of the day, I have chosen to vote for the person I think most likely to hold to more conservative platforms and treat our military with respect. I leave the rest in God’s very capable hands.


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