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It’s Back to School Season!


August, in all it’s heat, is back again. A nearly palpable sense of change is in the air, even if you are far removed from school and school-aged children. Parents push baskets full of school supplies, their faces creased with worry lines. Aisles teem with pencils, erasers, markers, and backpacks. Soon, the school bus will start rolling down the street, filled with suntanned children on their way back to the classroom.

As we all transition into this season, I’d like to spend the month of August on back-to-school posts. We can all lend support to our kids, grandkids, and kids we know who are leaving behind the carefree days of summer and diving rigorously back into their studies. Whether you are pre-k-bound or college-bound, a homeschooler or public schooler, a parent or a teacher, there will be something for everybody!

Here is a list of some upcoming posts:

I hope you will join me this month as we cover these topics. Is there something missing on this list that you’d like to see added? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “It’s Back to School Season!

    1. Yes! That is a challenge. We are going to give Texas public schools a try this year and I’m having a hard time. I’m hoping that it will be a good experience for my kids. Thanks for your comment!


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