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Prayers for Teachers


Teachers and cops have something in common: a negative perception of the whole is based on the actions of a few. I’ve known many teachers and many cops, and just like any profession, there will always be a few bad apples. The persistent degradation of good teachers based on the poor performance of a few is unjustified. This goes for teachers in all schooling situations—Public, Private, College, and Homeschool.

As someone who attended public school in a low-to-middle income district, a public California state college, and who has both homeschooled and public-schooled my own kids, I have learned these truths:

  • There are good homeschool parent-teachers, and there are bad homeschool parent-teachers
  • There are good public school teachers, and there are bad public school teachers
  • There are good private school teachers, and there are bad private school teachers
  • There are good college professors and there are bad college professors

You know what?

They all need our prayers!

I am thankful for every teacher I’ve ever had—even the bad ones. While that may sound cliché, allow me to elaborate: I’ve learned how to succeed under lousy teaching, I’ve learned how to take charge of my education independently. I’ve had to (respectfully) challenge school administrations. I’ve learned the value—and indeed, the necessity—of parental involvement. I’ve witnessed the power of a dedicated teacher to positively change the course of a child’s life.

Regardless of the schooling situation you have selected for your child, when we place our children’s future prayerfully in God’s hands, He can work anything towards the good. Maybe you think public schooling is best. Maybe you have no other option because of your financial situation. Maybe you are a homeschooling parent and worry about what is lacking in your efforts. Maybe your child attends private school and you are concerned about the quality of some of your kid’s teachers.

Whatever your circumstance, do your best and trust God with the rest.

I want to encourage you, dear parent: Be constant in prayer for your child and their teacher (even if you are their teacher). Remember, teachers face struggles within their own lives outside the school grounds. If your child’s teacher is awful, pray for your child to overcome the obstacle and to witness the Lord’s power to craft beauty from ashes.

Even if you are not a parent, please take time to pray for teachers. This emerging generation spends the bulk of their day engaged in academic pursuits. The ones in the trenches—the teachers—are influencing the lives of children across the country.

Here are some suggestions to help direct your prayers:

May they be blessed with strength and focus throughout the day.

Grant them patience with the Parents, the Administration, and the children—especially the children.

  • Help them to have a good recall on the lessons they will be teaching
  • Bless them with wisdom to teach, effectively answer questions, and deal compassionately and appropriately towards children with special needs.
  • Please bless those teachers who fight for the children in their care to have the best education and opportunities.
  • Please give them endurance.
  • Endow them with courage to stand for truth and the welfare of the children in their charge.
  • Bless them with good health.
  • Help them to rise above petty drama and focus on educating.
  • Bless their families who support them in their efforts.
  • May the teachers of this generation adequately prepare their minds and skill-sets so they can withstand the challenges of the future.

I want to dedicate this post to all my former teachers and my teacher friends who give so much to the children they teach. May the Lord bless you!

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26 thoughts on “Prayers for Teachers

  1. Teachers are faced with so many more difficulties today than they were fifty years ago. They are restricted from any form of discipline. They are teaching a generation of children that come from broken homes and the family unity has failed. It’s good to know that there are still those who wish to make a difference in a child’s life by teaching. They are some of the greatest heroes of our age.

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    1. Well, said! I believe they face a mountain of challenges. I love how you point out the heroism in it. There are people who are only in it for the pension I suppose, but it takes some strength to teach children today, especially with the breakdown of the family and the exponential rise in autism and behavioral disorders. Thank you for reading & commenting. God be with you.

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  2. Great post, we do all need prayer. I’ve taught in a private christian school for twenty years. And always a great blessing when you know you’re being prayed for as a teacher. Oh, that we teach with love, and wisdom of our Lord and saviour. What a great blessing it is!

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    1. Yes! It is such a sweet assurance knowing that someone else cares enough for you or the endeavor you are pursuing to pray for you. Thank you for serving as a teacher for so long and may you continue to be blessed!


      1. Thank you! It would feel unnatural not to teach for that is what God inspired me to do years ago.
        All for his glory.😄
        As David said is there not a Cause.

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    1. Yes, words of affirmation are so important. I don’t remember the comparison but it takes at least 3 affirmations to cancel one negative… and teachers receive plenty of negative! Thank you for serving as a teacher in public high school. I went to high school in a low-income area and I was still blessed to know some amazing teachers who made a positive impact on my life. Do you still teach? May the Lord bless you in your endeavors!


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