Remembering The Fallen

Deaths of United States Service members:

American Revolution: 4,435

The War of 1812: 2,260

The Civil War: 364,511 Union Soldiers and 133,281 Confederates

World War I: 116,516

World War II: 405,399

Korean War: 54,246

Vietnam War: 90,220

Desert Storm: 383

Global War in Terror (Since 2001): 6,997

We have lost so many people over the years in the effort to preserve or secure freedom not only for ourselves, but others as well.

Take a moment today to remember those who died.

Pray for the families, friends, and fellow soldiers who are wrestling with this grief today. Don’t forget the cost of freedom.

While you remember the deaths of the service members, remember also the sacrifice Christ made in order to grant you eternal freedom. Without Jesus, our past, present, future, and eternity would be bleak indeed.

*Numbers from va.gov and icasualties.org

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