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The Light: October 2019 Scripture Writing Plan


During the winter quarters of college, I can recall more than a few chilly Sunday afternoons when I would curl up like a cat beneath the warm, sunlit square of light on my bed and take a well-earned hour of rest. At other times, light was not always so welcome. After pulling an all-nighter to complete some massive project, the morning light on the commute to campus would sting my bleary eyes. Another light, which was rarely enjoyed but always necessary, was the “light of criticism” beneath which my work was examined.

God’s light serves similar purposes in our lives.

  • His created light gives life to every living thing on this earth.
  • His spiritual light gives life to those who walk in it.
  • God Himself is light.
  • Jesus is light.
  • When we walk in His light, we draw comfort and warmth from it.
  • When we are first struck with that light, it can be painful as we awake to the corruption sin has worked in our hearts.
  • Even as His child, His light continues to expose our weaknesses and sins, showing us where we need to make corrections.

This month’s scripture writing plan highlights some of the many instances in scripture addressing this concept of light. As you go through this writing plan, take some time to observe the created light God has given us on this earth. There is starlight, reflected sunlight from the moon, the sun itself, and the way the sun brings out the warm hues of the changing trees. Without light, we would not have flowers, food, or the ability to see where we were going!

Light is such an amazing gift, and one we easily take for granted.

How have God’s lights—both the created and spiritual (and THE light Himself) impacted your life?

To download a Printable PDF, please click the links at the bottom of this post. If you have any issues, please let me know!

Some tips for kids (or even adults!):

For my kiddos, we do scripture writing as part of our weekly schoolwork since we are a homeschooling family. I bought them simple spiral-bound notebooks, and they locate the verses in the bible and copy them down.

For smaller children and/or struggling writers, I recommend giving them 1-2 verses to copy in order to limit frustration. (You can also purchase paper with larger lines if your child needs it!)

I am a firm believer in making positive associations with the scriptures, and if your child dreads writing them down, it may be time to change your approach! Encourage them to write with a favorite pen. My oldest kid loves those pens that have multiple color options. Have the artistically inclined make decorative borders around their passages or underline (in color) important words. Obviously, the words are the most important component of scripture writing, but there is nothing wrong with finding creative ways to help them to look forward to the experience if writing is something they dread.

I’ve created two printable PDFs: One is a half-page (with two copies per page) and the other is a full page.

half sheet scripture writing plan October 2019

full page scripture writing October 2019

I post daily devotionals—usually connected with the scripture writing—on Instagram  (@elihuscorner) and Facebook. Sometimes I post to Twitter (@elihuscorner), but as you already know, I am a writer of too many words, so it’s hard to limit my character count! If you have another medium you prefer to use, please let me know!


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  1. Hello, enjoyed your post! It has me considering scripture writing! If you get a chance check out my new blog dedicated to God and about all things dedicated to him! 🙂


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