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Perfect Peace: November Scripture Writing Plan

November begins tomorrow????

Daylight Savings ends Sunday???

Christmas is only 8 weeks away???


The pace of life is taking my breath away!

Fall is traditionally my favorite season of the year, but when November rolls around, the pressure increases exponentially. There are gifts to be purchased, letters to be sent, family events to arrange—and all the while, the daily demands of life continue.

Normally, it is my habit to focus on thankfulness in November. In fact, if you’re seeking a scripture writing plan geared towards gratitude, feel free to download last November’s scripture writing plan!

For this November, however, the scripture writing plan will focus on peace. With the holidays swiftly approaching, it is important practice quieting our hearts so we can recognize both the reassuring presence of God and the abundance of His love.

There are three primary types of peace covered in this list of scriptures:

  1. Peace that comes from God (particularly as we focus on Him)
  2. Peace that we have with God through Jesus’ sacrifice
  3. The Father and the Son who are Peace.

Because this is a particularly hectic time of year, I have inserted three catch-up days into this plan. Keep in mind, however, that if you miss a day (or five), you can start on the current day and move forward from there. Scripture writing is not intended to be a drudgery, but an active engagement with the bible. Some days, the curveballs come too quickly and we simply don’t have time to write. Take a deep breath and start with the following day’s scripture!

Here are some suggested ways to write your scriptures:

  • Write the passage on an index card and post on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or computer screen so you can meditate on the message you copied that day.
  • Send that index card to a friend in need of encouragement!
  • Write your scriptures in a journal, spiral notebook, or on a blank sheet of paper, highlighting any key words/concepts with a different colored pen/marker/highlighter.
  • Discuss that day’s scripture with a friend, your children, and/or your spouse.
  • Get a daily group text going with some friends and discuss some aspect of that passage that jumped out at you that day.

I hope this plan encourages you as we enter the hectic holidays. If this time of year is difficult for you due to loss or loneliness, it is my fervent prayer that focusing on God’s love and peace will sustain you during the difficult days ahead.

To download a full page scripture writing plan, click the link below:

Full Page Scripture Writing Plan November 2019

To download a half-sheet scripture writing plan, click here: half sheet scripture writing plan November 2019

Or, download this image to your phone:


Special thanks to Liz Smith for collaborating with me on these plans!

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