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Filled With Christ: Scripture Writing Plan February 2022

If I have a cup full of coffee, but need water, would it be easier to…

a) dump out the cup of coffee and fill it with water?


b) pour water into the coffee until there’s a higher concentration of water than coffee?

As someone who loves coffee, I’m not a fan of watered-down coffee. I want my water to be pure water and my coffee to be strong coffee. Not only that, it would take more time (and a lot more water) to get that cup to be mostly water and less coffee.

The first choice–emptying the cup–is better.

When we choose to follow Christ, we come to him filled with our worldly notions and desires. Our sense of right and wrong is more heavily derived from our upbringing and culture rather than God’s standard. The more we empty that cup of “self,” the easier it is to be filled with Christ.

As we write through this month’s plan, we will focus on how Christ set the example for us to deny ourselves. He left heaven and took on humility in order to give us life. He does not ask us to do more than He did; He asks us to imitate Him. We will look at His example as well as commandments to deny self for His sake. The result of this “emptying” and “filling” is greater joy, stronger faith, and genuine love.

If you’d like to join us this month, you can save the above image to your phone or computer or download a printable PDF of the list. I have included 2 “catch-up” days as well. If you fall behind, I always recommend starting on the day that matches the date. In other words, if you fell behind on February 3rd and it’s currently February 10th, just start on day 10 and keep going! It’s better to get some days in than none at all.

I have created a black and white PDF for this month’s plan. To download it, click the link:

To download the children’s tracing and copying sheets (thank you Sara McBroom) click the links below:

New to scripture writing? Need some ideas? Check out this post: How to Use Scripture Writing Plans

I usually post daily reflections on each scripture writing on the Elihu’s Corner facebook page and @elihuscorner on Instagram. Feel free to drop in and check it out!


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