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Abundance: Scripture Writing Plan November 2022

What abundance do you currently enjoy?

If you are able to eat three meals a day, live in a relatively comfortable space, and wear clothes (and shoes), you already have abundantly more than many people in the world.

God did not make physical prosperity a temperature gauge for spiritual health. If He had, then the impoverished circumstances of Jesus, John the Baptist, Jeremiah the prophet, the apostles, and many other faithful followers would have indicated spiritual depravity. This is obviously not the case–especially when it comes to the Son of God!

Be extremely careful not to confuse the riches promised in Christ with the fleeting riches of this life.

God gives us an abundance that cannot be stolen away by circumstances such as war, theft, economic disaster, natural disaster, or anything else. Any physical blessings we enjoy beyond spiritual abundance is a reminder of God’s generous love for us.

For this month’s scripture writing, we will focus on passages that discuss the abundance and riches we have in the Lord. I hope you will rejoice with me over all the gifts God has provided and give thanks to the Father, “from whom all blessings flow!”

Special thanks to Liz Smith and Sara McBroom, my sisters in Christ who help me in preparing these plans each month.

To download a copy of the Black and White PDF plan, click the link below.

To download a copy of the Children’s tracing and copying sheets, click the links below.

Not sure where to begin?

Check out this short article to get started: How to Use Scripture Writing Plans


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