An Encouraging Word

encouragement picture

I hope that you have all been diligent in your prayers this week for the preachers and teachers who bring you lessons and teaching each week.

Please continue to pray!

There is another aspect to these prayers that I want you to consider: encouragement.

We are praying for these preachers and teachers with a purpose. Why not tell them about it?

This isn’t about puffing up and saying, “Look at me! I’m praying for you! Aren’t I great?!”

No. This is about sending them a note to let them know that they are valuable to you; that you are eager to help them in their efforts by using the most powerful tool available to a Christian–prayer.

Most preachers are used to criticism. Teachers are too. They get lots of it. Did you know that we remember a negative criticism twice as much as a positive one? It takes double (or more) the praise to cancel the effect of the negative.

This is where you come in. Send them a message of encouragement. Revitalize them.

The note or message you send to your preachers/teachers isn’t necessarily praise (although it can be), this is encouragement. Encourage them to teach the truth. Encourage them to do so without fear. Encourage them to keep on keepin’ on. Encourage them to guard their hearts and the teaching.

Have you ever had someone–out of the blue–give you some positive encouragement or praise? A few months ago, I got a Happy New Year letter from an old family friend. It was a printed letter, meant for lots of people, but handwritten at the bottom was a note saying that they were praying for us and they even told us what they were praying for–it was aimed at the difficulties were dealing with. That short little note lightened my heart. Knowing that I was in their thoughts–and especially their prayers–even though we were so far away made such a difference for me. It gave me renewed strength and joy.

So, today take a few minutes and send them an email, shoot them a text, write a card (you know, one of those paper things that get delivered to your physical mailbox) or simply give them a call. If you need to, use the notes from this last post on prayer to give them an idea of what you are specifically praying for.

Encourage others in your church to participate in this effort. Let’s flood our teachers and preachers with encouragement. Let them know that we are in the race to heaven together and we want them to endure with us. Remind them to guard their hearts & their teaching as Paul reminded Timothy.

May the Lord bless your efforts my friends


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