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New Beginnings: Scripture Writing Plan January 2021

How many “new beginnings” do you remember?

I recall my very first day of college like it was yesterday. I remember walking down the dormitory steps, a new backpack slung on my shoulder, in awe that I was finally where I had worked so hard to be. I had waited so long, sacrificed so many weekends (and a bit of sanity) so that I could get into college. I was in a place with all new people. I could start fresh and establish my own reputation.

I also remember my wedding day—the beginning of a new adventure!

I remember feeling the first kicks of each of my little children.

There are first steps, first days of school, first day on a new job… 

I remember the day I chose to be baptized into Christ—March 23, 1994—and hoping I wouldn’t make any major mistakes. Which I did. The next day.

New beginnings are an opportunity to approach something with clarity and renewed purpose.

For the majority of us, 2020 has been an unqualified disaster. Between destroyed plans and thwarted opportunities, we’ve all experienced some degree of loss. Some have even experienced the loss of a loved one.

You may be looking warily towards 2021, hoping it will be better but afraid of what’s coming. As you put 2020 in hindsight, take this opportunity to ground yourself in the Lord. If what you’ve been doing isn’t consistent, choose a different approach. For instance, I have found that daily bibles are difficult for me to stick with, while reading daily at my own pace is much more manageable. (If you need ideas for Bible reading in 2021, check out some of these posts:

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In January, our scripture writing will be focused on this concept of new beginnings throughout the scripture. From the beginning of time, space, and matter to the New Kingdom, we will see how God used new beginnings for His purpose.

Many thanks to Liz Smith for providing the theme and scriptures for this month!

If you’d like to download a printable PDF, click the link below.

New to scripture writing? Check out this post on different ways to use these plans.

May we spend each day of 2021 bringing glory to God the Father in how we love others and use the time we are given.

Happy NEW Year!


10 thoughts on “New Beginnings: Scripture Writing Plan January 2021

    1. Hi Graciela! I do not have tracing/copy sheets for January. I had a very intense December and wasn’t able to get the information to the person who does these sheets. I’m so sorry.


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