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Seek and You Shall Find: Scripture Writing Plan August 2022

Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord;
his going out is sure as the dawn;
he will come to us as the showers,
as the spring rains that water the earth.

Hosea 6.3, ESV

Completing a course of study does not make one an “expert” on that subject; it simply makes a person more knowledgable in that subject.

Having a certain set of letters before or after your name may designate you as a “professional,” but once again, it doesn’t necessarily translate into mastery.

Even possessing years of experience in a particular field does not necessarily equate with wisdom–especially if the experience is never applied.

If you are a teacher, doctor, or nurse, you are typically required to have a certain number of “continuing education hours.” Why is that?

Law enforcement officers also have additional training that nobody is exempt from taking. Why?

Life is complex and the status quo is temporary.

Because we live in such a complex world, it is better to adopt an attitude of lifelong learning. As children of God, you and I must pursue and wrestle with truth, continue to learn even as we teach, and seek to deepen our relationship with the Lord.

For this month’s scripture writing plan, we will be considering the idea of seeking & pursuing. Until we are home with God, this is part of our journey here.

Jesus commanded His followers to “seek first the kingdom of God.” Paul encouraged the Christians to pursue love, peace, righteousness, and more. The prophet Hosea wrote, “let us press on to know the Lord.” In order to grow in faith, we must invest the bulk of our energy into seeking and pursuing God’s treasure rather than the passing pleasures of this life.

Please join us in this month in copying and meditating on these scriptures. Visit the Elihu’s Corner Facebook or Instagram pages to share your insights and comments as we go through the scriptures.

To download a black and white printable PDF of the plan, click the link below:

For our youngest scripture writers, download Sara McBroom’s amazing copying & tracing sheets, using the links below:

If you are completely new to scripture writing, and you’re not sure where to begin, check out How to Use Scripture Writing Plans. While you’re here, feel free to explore some of the older articles. If you want a different theme for this month, go to the “categories” section (to the right of this article on a desktop/laptop, or scroll to the bottom if using a mobile phone) and click scripture writing plans. We have four years of monthly plans on this site!

May you discover lasting joy as you press on to know the Lord!


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